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DLED10 LED Light Head


The DLED10 lights are extremely powerful, small lights, ideally suited in the bicolor version for mobile drama, and in the daylight version for studio use.

  • These totally new dedolight LED lights offer:
  • Compact construction
  • Aspherical optics
  • Perfect performance
  • Perfect light distribution
  • Perfect color 
  • Super quiet, innovative cooling system

Bicolor 2700K – 6500K, allows the adaptation to changing situations of ambient light. Ideally suited for the larger lighting task, also for mobile drama production, as well as for studios.

Permits the use of the following optical accessories: 

  • Non-spherical, wide-angle attachment DLWA400R
  • DP400 imager/projection attachment with interchangeable modules for different tasks and interchangeable lenses. Serves super precise light-/shadow-shaping and projections, the best, west and east of the Mississippi
  • 8-leaf barndoor DBD400
  • Use of different soft boxes with speed ring DLSR8
  • Parallel beam attachment DPBA-14. An amazing optical achievement, doubles the light output and opens the doors to the creative Lightstream system and the work with reflected light.

Available Sets:



DLED10-BI Light head bicolor
DT10-BI Ballast bicolor and mains cable
DPOW10 Cable to light head
DPLS400 Light shield ring

DBD400 8-leaf barn door



DLED10-D Light head daylight
DT10 Ballast daylight and mains cable
DPOW10 Cable to light head
DPLS400 Light shield ring

DBD400 8-leaf barn door


Focusing range 50° - 4° 50° - 4°
Intensity range 01:06,6 01:04
Size 389 x 198 x 356 mm (light head)440 x 148,5 x 67 mm (DT10 ballast) 389 x 198 x 356 mm (light head), 367 x 84,4 x 79,3 mm (DT10-BI ballast)
Weight 4,2 kg (light head), 5,2 kg (ballast) 4,2 kg (light head), 2,2 kg (ballast)
Power consumption 308 W 245 W

CCT 5700 K 6500 K 2700 K

daylight tungsten
CRI Ra 95 95 97
CRI Re 94 92 96
TLCI 96 95 97
Delta UV -0,0017 -0,0047 -0,0008
Lux in 3 m, flood position 1.900 lx 1.155 lx 1.155 lx
Lux in 3 m, spot position 12.500 lx 4.667 lx 4.667 lx
Lux in 3 m with parallel beam attachment DPBA-14 20.000 lx 8.027 lx 8.027 lx
DLED10-D Daylight

Distance Meter 1 2 3 4 5 10
Flood Lux 17.100 4.275 1.900 1.068 684 171
Medium Lux 22.230 5.558 2.470 1.389 889 222
Spot Lux 112.500 28.125 12.500 7.031 4.500 1.125
DLED10-BI Bicolor in daylight function 5600 K
Flood Lux 12.600 3.150 1.400 788
Medium Lux 16.632 4.158 1.848 1.040
Spot Lux 49.194 12.299 5.466 3.075
DLED10-BI Bicolor in tungsten function 3200 K
Flood Lux 10.395 2.599 1.155 650
Medium Lux 13.725 3.431 1.525 858
Spot Lux 42.003 10.501 4.667 2.625

DLED10-BI • 1.523,00 €

DLED10-D • 895,00 €

  • dedolight DLED10 Flyer

    dedolight DLED10 Flyer

    The DLED10 lights are extremely powerful compact and versatile. These totally new dedolight LED lights offer: Compact construction, Aspherical optics, Perfect performance, Perfect light distribution, Perfect color, Super quiet, innovative cooling system

    More Info
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